• Spelling Bee Team from SWOJC in Manitou.

    A team from the Oklahoma Youth Academy Charter School at the Southwest Oklahoma Juvenile Center placed fourth in a recent spelling bee at Western Oklahoma State College, Altus.
    The Great Plains Literacy Council sponsored the 17th annual "Grate" Altus Spelling Bee for Literacy on April 2. This is an annual fundraiser for the Literacy Council, which is dedicated to helping adult residents in Harmon and Jackson Counties improve reading, writing and speaking skills of the English language.
    The OYACS team consisted of Principal Leticia Sanchez, teacher Kiona Fowler and Daymon Ellis. Their team name was The End of the "Word" as We Know It. The annual event is similar to a National Adult Spelling Bee where contestants spell individually, but this spelling bee takes some of the pressure off because teammates work together at the lighthearted competition.
    The team was accompanied by several other staff and juveniles as their cheering squad.
    "It was a wonderful opportunity for our community phase students. Our students not only experienced the academic protocol of a spelling bee competition, but also witnessed how citizens volunteer and participate in functions that serve the literacy needs for the young and old in a community, said Mrs. Sanchez.
    "They were afforded the opportunity to interact with a variety of community members and at the same time be involved in a friendly competitive setting. As their Principal, I was extremely proud of our boys as they conducted themselves in a very cordial and respectful manner," she added.
    There were 14 other teams participating. Several staff and five juveniles also attended the event to show support for the OYACS team.

  • A fresh start

    MANITOU — The charter school had its first graduation since implementation in July, 2015. Eddie Pittman completed his graduation requiremnts before completing his treatment program with Southwest Oklahoma Juvenile Center (SWOJC). 

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Meet Terry Smith - Deputy Director of Residential Services Support

   Terry Smith 

Terry Smith began his career working with children, youth and families over 30 years ago.  Mr. Smith brings a broad range of experience in social services.  He has served as a Juvenile Justice Specialist, District Supervisor, Deputy Director and Training Director for the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs. He also managed the State and Federal grants department and developed Medicaid funding systems for youth in the juvenile justice system.  He has worked in the private sector for non-profit and for-profit children’s agencies who serve both children who have been abused/neglected and youth who have committed crimes.  He has extensive experience in community development and establishing organizational infrastructures to better serve the children, youth and families of Oklahoma.  In addition, Mr. Smith has had the opportunity to work for the Chickasaw Nation as the Director of the Family Resource Center, where he developed behavioral health programs and services for Chickasaw children and families.  Mr. Smith was also a key leader in the development of the Oklahoma Transformation State Plan established by the Innovation Center of the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.  Before returning to the Office of Juvenile Affairs in July of 2016, Mr. Smith served as the President/CEO of the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy. Mr. Smith holds a Bachelors Degree in Sociology from the University of Central Oklahoma and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma. 



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Message from the Principal

As Principal of the Oklahoma Youth Academy Charter School (OYACS), I have the opportunity to work with talented and dedicated professionals. Our goal is to provide an educational setting that is conducive to personal and educational growth for our students.  Our students come from many challenging situations and at times are facing even tougher challenges ahead.  With that in mind, their education plan is data driven and specific to their individual need. OYACS provides a plethora of choices for our students ranging from reading and math interventions to an automotive vocational program.
It is a great honor to serve as Principal in this unchartered adventure. I am elated for the future of OYACS as our programs grow and are continue to evolve in an ever effort to better serve our students.
Leticia Sanchez, M.Ed.

2016 Graduation

Oklahoma Youth Academy Charter School (OYACS) located at Southwest Juvenile Center in Manitou, Oklahoma opened its doors July 1, 2015. The school has 9 teachers, 3 teacher’s aides, an administrative assistant and a Principal. There are 64 students attending school year round. The school provides an academic setting that offers credit recovery, accelerated instruction, and vocational trade classes.  In an effort to serve our students in a tailored manner, students are assessed in an effort to identify their specific area of instructional need. Teachers provide blended instruction in the classroom by providing differentiated instruction at different levels incorporating Chromebooks that provide access to Odysseyware instruction. Career vocational instruction consists of an Automotive Program. This program is designed for students to use problem-solving skills as they learn automotive principles. Basic engine operations include heat/air conditioning systems, electrical systems, steering and alignment, brakes and front end repair, tire repair and much more.

2016 Graduation

Eddie Pittman is the first graduate of the Oklahoma Youth Academy Charter School (OYACS) at Manitou. We are excited for his future and wish him all the best as he continues back to his home and community.

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